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4' Yucca Cane Plant

4' Yucca Cane Plant

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Beautiful foliage on 3 canes of varying heights.  Great plant for home or office.  Grows slowly and requires less watering.

Origin: Tropical East Africa

Height: Grows slowly but can reach 6 ft (1.8 m)

Light: Bright light. Will tolerate low light.

Water: Spring through fall, keep the soil moist, but not soggy. In winter, allow top 2 in (5 cm) of soil to dry out between waterings.

Fertilize:  Fertilize twice a year - once in Spring and again in Summer

Humidity: Average to moderate humidity.

Temperature: Average room temperatures 60-75°F, 16-24°C work fine for yucca cane plant. Care should be taken that it isn't exposed to temperatures below 55°F/13°C.

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